What is Domain Name? How to Buy Domain - What are the types of Domain Name

What is Domain Name

Our today post is linked to the website, today we will talk about what is the name of the domain name and how to buy Domain Name for websites.

If you have a website of your own then you will know exactly what is the domain name and what is its benefits, and if you do not know then today we will tell you what is the name of Domain and how to create a Domain Name.

As you know, there are many platforms available to create a website on the internet, from which you can create your website, there are some paid platforms, and some free platforms too.

To create a Paid Website, you have to buy Web Hosting and Domain Name, which you can afford to pay.

What is Domain Name

Whenever a website is created on the Internet, it is given an IP address (Internet Protocol) which is in the digits, the number in the Ip Address is in four parts, which is between 0 and 255. Example: 17.27.328.296 Remembering this kind of Ip address is very difficult for every human being.

Any person can not remember the name of a website through digit, hence the arrangement of the Domain Name for the websites has been implemented. Every website has different domain names such as Google's Google.Com is YouTube's Youtube.Com, no two separate websites can have a Same Domain Name.
Dns Full Form - Domain Name System, which is also called Dns in short.
This domain name is the option of the IP address of the website as when we enter a website's domain name on our Internet, it is converted to an IP address on the Domain Name server and we reach the respective website.

Compared to the IP address, Domain Name is very easy to remember so this system has been started. The Domain Name is the web address of your website, through which users access your website, like you have come to our website Srajal Tadge.

Types of Domain Name

  • Top Level Domain Name (Tld)

Top Level Domain (Tld) - Top Level Domains are those domains that have Extension .Com, .Net, .rg, .Gov, .Edu, we speak them as Top Level Domain because they are used for information all over the world. Is there.

  • Country Code Top Level Domain (Cctld)

Country Code Top Level Domain (Cctld) - Country Code Top Level Domain are those domains that have Extension., .Us, .Ch, .br, .Ru etc., such as Domain Extension "." This means that the website shares information by targeting India.

There are several types of Domain Name, we are taking a few examples, which are in the most trend like -

.Com - For Commercial

.Org - For Organization

.Net - For Network

.Gov - For Government

.Fo - For Information

If you want to create your own Website or Blog, and you want to buy a Domain Name, then you must register the Domain by Domain Name Service Provider, here are the names of two Domain Providers.

  • Bigrock
  • Godaddy

To buy a domain, the cost of at least 100 rupees for 1 year can come. And its maximum price depends on the domain name you choose. The value of the Domain Name varies according to the Domain Extension, and its value varies depending on Demand.

After 1 year you have to renew the domain again, otherwise it becomes Expire. If you do not have a Domain Renew in time, then someone else can take your Domain Name.

How to Buy Domain Name

How to Buy a Domain from Godaddy Website We Tell You Step by Step

  • First of all, go to http://www.godaddy.com/ website. Now type in the Domain Name in the Search Domain Bar that you want to register, then click on the Simply Search Domain's Button.
What is Domain Name

  • Then, from Search Results, select Domain Name and click on Add To Cart. Then click on Continue To Cart.
What is Domain Name

  • After that a new page will open, you have to choose how much domain name you want for the year,

  • Then click on Proceed To Checkout.
What is Domain Name

  • Then you will open a new page in it, the option of Sign In and Sign Up will be, if you already have an account on Godaddy.Com then sign in and if not, then sign up.
What is Domain Name

  • After that click on Continue, a new window will open where you will have to fill the Billing Information Form with your name, address, city and mobile number.

  • After you fill out the Billing Information Form, you have to choose the option of a Payment, if you want to pay by Debit / Credit Card, then select from the Option and enter the Debit / Credit Card Details (Card Number, Expiry Date and Cvv). Click on Place Your Order and then you will get a Successful Message.

By following these steps, you can register and purchase your domain from the Domain Names List sitting at home.

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